vardeek schemes

Schemes Duration Contacts Front Page Display Send Interests Rate
Prime30 days Free
Bronze 3030 days upto 10 nos upto 10 nos Rs.799/=
silver 8080 days upto 20 nos upto 20 nos Rs.1330/=
vardeek + 9090 days upto 20 nos90 days upto 20 nos Rs.1990/=
Gold +180180 days Unlimited 180 days Unlimited Rs.4999/=

Discount....! for existing PAID MEMBERS, upgrade to OUR NEW SCHEME 'GOLD+180' pay only balance fee.

Example: Mr A is silver 80 member who paid 999/-.which is ending next week.Now he wants to be upgrade as GOLD+180,His payment is only Rs.4000/=(ie.4999-999=4000).